Local SEO

Affordable Google Local SEO Services & Small Business Marketing Professionals

How many times have you needed to find a restaurant or contractor in the area?

Every year more and more people turn to the Internet when looking for products and services they need, instead of using the phone book. While this might sound intimidating if you’re a local small business owner, the truth is that you can get great local search results for less than traditional phone book listings! If you’re tired of the  returns your getting every year with traditional advertising campaigns, contact SEO-Marketing-Experts.com today and our Local SEO professionals will get your business listed so your customers can find them.

97% of consumers search for local products and services online – are you reaching these customers?

According to a recent study done by BIA/Kelsey, over 97% of consumers go online to research products and services in their local area. Consumers in your area are online looking for the products and services you sell, and you need an effective web marketing strategy to reach these prospective customers.

Being a local business no longer means simply hanging a sign outside and waiting for your customers to walk in. As the Internet has grown, the need for online marketing services has grown exponentially. In the past you business owners posted ads in local papers, or run a local television or radio spot.  The Internet has added many more options to get your business noticed. One of the increasingly important aspects of this new form of internet marketing is your local profile.

SEO Marketing Experts offers two types of local internet marketing services to help you manage and focus your local profile in order to engage and attract local customers to your business, depending on your needs, expectations and budget. These include:Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Our organic local SEO services work to bring more visibility to your business by targeting Google Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp and many others. We offer a number of packages to help you achieve the goals you want within a budget you can afford. Once you have selected a package, our local search engine optimization consultants will work with you to make sure that when potential customers in your area search for your type of business, they will find you front and center in the top of their search results.

Local Maps Marketing – Like paid ads in traditional organic search engine results, paid ads can also appear in local search results. By working with our local marketing experts, they can target your paid ads geographically to show up at the right place for the right search, further increasing your visibility and adding yet another way for people to find your business.

Local search is becoming increasingly important, especially with the increasing popularity of GPS-enabled smartphones and mobile searches. A well-optimized local business listing in the biggest search engines can help you increase your local market share and gain new local customers.

Developing a Local SEO strategy takes experience and know how.  Our Local SEO experts have a proven track record in developing successful Local internet marketing strategies that produce great results!